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Aerospace Company Has Record Breaking New Business Growth

HABCO — Testing and Support Equipment for the Aerospace Industry Grows in New Markets


We helped HABCO establish and address their key business goals of: elevating the company’s visibility; increasing the company’s market penetration and margins; attracting new partnerships; and driving new products to market.


Once key business goals were established with HABCO’s senior management team, Tall Timbers Marketing created a market plan to achieve them. Our research phase gathered key customer and prospect perceptions. Survey results indicated that many clients were not aware of the expanded range of capabilities the company offered after having penetrated new markets. A branding campaign communicated the growth the company had experienced over 35 years to reveal its current market position:



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  • HABCO now serves five vertical markets, rather than one.

  • The company’s core competencies include new product development and a product line that has grown from one to 22 standard products.

  • Business plans include adding more strategic partners and pursuing long-term, sustainable manufacturing contracts.

  • The ultimate value the company provides is its engineering advantage, which enables it to manufacture testing equipment to the highest safety and performance levels, recently earning them national recognition as the 11th company in the country to receive the Space Flight Awareness Award from NASA’s biggest partner in human space operations.


Annual, interactive strategies include targeted online newsletters, paid placement advertising and customized web metrics and reports to measure sales and new market penetration. Public relations initiatives built relationships with U.S. Congressmen to champion the cause to press for a high priority approval on HABCO’s new life-saving ground support equipment, gaining them immediate market entry, domestically and internationally.


With a strategic mix of interactive, public relations and branding strategies, HABCO achieved the following key goals and metrics:


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  • Interactive strategies are on track to drive nearly $5 million dollars in online requests for quotes, annually. Expected annual sales from this program are $250,000.

  • The online campaign is working to add new clients to HABCO’s customer list.

  • The integrated marketing campaign will drive more profit into the company as it highlights and draws in more sales for standard products.

  • The paid placement campaign is driving down cost of sales by drawing interested prospects from the online market, eliminating expensive sales calls, and reducing the overall cost of doing business, especially internationally.

  • Site metrics provide the company with valuable market data about customer demand and preferences.

  • HABCO received U.S. Army approval for overseas deployment of its safety product to Iraq, Bosnia and Afghanistan. A month after the first shipment, the Army ordered an additional 250 products, valued at $625,000. HABCO estimates potential orders for 1,000 more over the next five years, bringing $2.5 million in new business to the company. Most importantly, this new product will save the lives of soldiers and maintenance crews.

  • Public relations outreach built new relationships with CT politicians, who helped HABCO form partnerships with major OEM’s, find access to financial and training incentives, and successfully enter into a coveted mentor-protégé relationship.

  • Media relations and publicity activities elevated the company’s profile among its constituencies with feature stories in business media, industry trades and prestigious Wall Street Transcript geared to business analysts and potential investors.

  • Public relations positioning and profiling strategies elevated the company’s visibility in business, government and investment circles by garnering the CEO leadership awards recognition from groups like CT Technology Council’s Women of Innovation and The Hartford Business Journal’s Women in Business.


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