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Providing target marketing and branding strategies
for your business

We have provided solutions to a myriad marketing, sales and business challenges for startups, small, mid-cap and large companies (B2B). We understand the current business climate and the key issues companies face during these uncertain economic times.


For example:

  • Small businesses may lack the resources they need to align marketing strategies with their sales efforts.

  • Mid-size companies may need to increase brand awareness to set themselves apart in fierce competitive markets in order to promote expanding product lines.

  • Large companies may seek to improve and streamline internal communications strategies in order to keep large numbers of employees informed about corporate initiatives that affect the bottom line.


The following examples are success stories that garnered measurable results to the challenges they faced to their targeted markets.

Promoting a Fortune 500 Company’s Recruitment and Training Initiatives

Open Solutions On the Move in Connecticut

Aerospace Company Has Record Breaking New Business Growth

Branding an Angel Investment group

Marketing New Technology for Wastewater Treatment

Rebranding Product Line for Health Insurance Company

Public Relations Effort for New Safety Product Saves Lives of US Soldiers

Rebranding Online College Bookstore

Connecticut Technology Council Rebrands for Promoting Innovation and Growth

Rebranding One of the Oldest Manufacturers in the United States

Marketing and Positioning a Security-holder Service Company

Creating a website to brand the fastest growing technology company in Connecticut

Branding Identity for an Employeed-owned Printing Company

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