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Marketing New Technology for Wastewater Treatment

Infiltrator Systems — Environmental Onsite Wastewater Solutions


Infiltrator Systems came on the scene in 1987 with the invention of environmental wastewater chamber technology. Today, the company dominates the industry with a 32% market share. One in every four systems in the US and over 30 million chambers worldwide is an Infiltrator system. The company is one of the top six recyclers of post-industrial scrap plastic in the U.S. market.



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We created a comprehensive marketing strategy to position and transform Infiltrator’s message and brand from being just a manufacturing company to the industry’s premiere provider of environmental wastewater solutions. Extensive internal and external research was conducted to all key audiences to create and guide the market plan. Baseline perceptions were used to develop key messaging for a branding campaign. Because each audience segment had both common and disparate needs, we devised a company tagline and image piece to communicate the universal themes. Individual collateral, website and other marketing materials address the disparate needs of each audience.

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