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Internet and Social Media

Why work with us when you can buy digital and smart phone marketing services anywhere? Read on and see why.

Plain and simple: Our Internet/web and social media services are geared toward business outcomes and measurements, and we will remain involved so that your web marketing connects with your business plan.

Using Interactive digital tools are integral for your marketing and communications strategies. Even if your audiences are connecting anonymously to your organization by a mass of wires and computers, they are experiencing your culture. Over time, they decide whether a connection to your organization fulfills some need. In the age of the Internet and social media, this process happens more than ever before and with more people than ever before. However, the desired goal is still the same: a mutually beneficial relationship. Internet technology is available to everyone, but an Internet strategy that generates and enhances organizational success must be connected to your culture. Our interactive and Internet strategies support:

  • Internet strategic planning

  • Web site design

  • Social media planning and evaluation

  • e-marketing

  • e-newsletters

  • e-commerce solutions

  • Search engine optimization and search marketing

  • Custom web and smart phone applications

  • Open-source development


Web Sites

Sites developed by us are usable, standards-compliant, editable by you, measurable and as feature-rich as you need.


More Importantly: We provide guidance for you to integrate the site into your business model – to use it for market research, to promote products and services, and to connect with your audiences.



Our e-newsletters are not just designs; they are marketing and communication systems. They drive traffic to your site, manage subscription lists and provide clear data about what your audience values and wants.


More Importantly: We create a plan for you to increase subscribers, segment them thoughtfully and drive them to take measurable actions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We can fine-tune your web site to improve its rank in search engines. This is done in the context of lead generation – not in counting how many anonymous people visit your site.

More Importantly: Our SEO plans are rooted not only in the unpredictable behavior of web site visitors but by the behavior of decision-makers. Why? We have spoken to them off-line and worked with them for 25 years.

Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

Combined with any web content, search engine marketing, those short ads that appear alongside Google and Yahoo search results can be an invaluable tool for raising awareness of your products or services. We can set up and run these types of ad campaigns for you or train you to manage your own.

More Importantly: Our Search Engine Marketing services come with a plan for measuring their ability to generate quality leads.



We can develop e-commerce solutions enabling visitors to complete all or part of the sales process online. But, that’s just part of the process – we integrate e-commerce into your web site, as well as understand product mixes, services with many variables, and consultative sales.

More Importantly: Our e-commerce solutions are based on sales strategies, not designs.


Effective Sales Leads Measurement

Our web services include a comprehensive set of measurement tools, so that you understand both the effectiveness of your marketing tactics to generate awareness and their ability to generate quality leads.


More Importantly: Although we’re the “knock on the door” we stay involved and refine campaigns to make sure those “knocks” are worth responding to.


And everything else

We’ve yet to find a tactic that we couldn’t implement. Social media, Facebook, Twitter, Local Search, [insert the flavor of the month here].


Most Importantly: Our recommendations are rooted in the experience of marketing businesses for the long haul. We measure every action possible and refine based on data, not hunches.

Contact us for a free consultation to learn how we can help your organization.

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