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Media and Public Relations

Public relations counselors provide communications advice and services to help clients create, build, and protect their brand and good names. Public Relations is a management function that helps to establish and maintain mutual line of communication between an organization and its publics; it involves the management of problems or issues; it helps monitor and respond to public opinion. To achieve the understanding and support fundamental to helping clients to meet their goals, public relations counselors work in a variety of ways. For example, they may be involved in marketing communications, employee information, investor relations, media relations, training programs, or public policy matters – each of which can have a direct impact on how clients are perceived and whether they are therefore able to meet their objectives.

As public relations counselors we provide these services:

  1. Analyzing issues and policies affecting stakeholders

  2. Identifying vulnerabilities that may threaten a good name

  3. Managing crisis communications

  4. Recommending ways to build positive reputations

  5. Working with clients to implement communications strategies and tactics to take advantage of opportunities or solve problem, i.e., Media Relations, Media Coaching, Editorial Services, and Press Kit Development

  6. Developing training programs to facilitate the flow of information

  7. Evaluating communications programs and suggesting ways to improve future effectiveness.


The best time to consult with a public relations counselor is before a major business decision is made. This can lead to extremely useful insights and prevent public relations problems from arising when such counsel is not considered in advance. At one time or another you might have to deal with the media. We develop and deliver clear and precise content and press materials for presentation to the media, then skillfully handle media relations or provide media coaching to your key personnel.

Contact us for a free consultation to learn how we can help your organization.

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