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Open Solutions On the Move in Connecticut

Open Solutions — Success in Connecticut for a Technology Company

Open Solutions, a fast-growing Connecticut technology firm, was receiving media coverage in national trade publications, but very little on the local level. The company contacted Tall Timbers Marketing (TTM) to ask for help in getting recognition and publicity in local business publications.

Case Study


In planning the local media approach, TTM's public relations team gave special consideration to the importance of identifying a message of substance. Established objectives:

  1. Identify topic of substance to Open Solutions that would interest local media and their readership.

  2. Conduct phone interview with Open Solutions president & CEO and senior management team to learn what recent and upcoming issues were occurring within the company that may be of local interest in the state of Connecticut.

  3. Present the identified topic to the media in a way that they would “own” the story to maximize coverage and placement.




TTM's public relations director and TTM's senior account manager for Open Solutions held a one-hour phone interview with the president and CEO of Open Solutions and his senior staff. During the conversation, the subject of an upcoming company move was mentioned. That struck a chord of interest and the situation was explored more deeply. After reviewing interview notes and noting the fact that attracting and keeping businesses in Connecticut was a significant focus for the state, the public relations team decided on the local media pitch: “Open Solutions On the Move in Connecticut.”


The story idea was developed to highlight the fact that: “The newest member of the Connecticut Stocks column, Open Solutions Inc., is moving full speed ahead. Luckily for Connecticut business promoters and more than 230 Connecticut-based employees, the Glastonbury-based company will not be moving out of state.”

Three primary publications were targeted for the media pitch:

  1. Connecticut Business Journal

  2. Hartford Business Journal

  3. Glastonbury Life


Personalized contacts were strategically timed based on the targeted publications issue dates. Customized media pitches were written to share the idea, facts and quotes taken during the interview, but not to spoon-feed the article and hope for placement. Phone calls, e-mails built enthusiasm for the story. All three publications agreed to run a story. All three requested interviews with Louis Hernandez, Open Solutions’ president. All three requested to take their own photos.


Hartford Business Journal ran a full-blown article “Open Solutions picks Connecticut, again” with photo in its August 16, 2004 issue. The Connecticut Business Journal used the story as its cover piece “There’s No Place Like Home” in its September 2004 issue. Glastonbury Life was so pleased with its story (the editor said it was “one of the best interviews she has ever conducted”), that it pitched the story to Life Publications as a potential regional story for the monthly group of publications. As a result, the article ran in all 13 Life Publications (Avon, Canton, Farmington, Glastonbury, Hebron/ Marlborough, Manchester, Newington, Rocky Hill, Simsbury, Southington, South Windsor, West Hartford and Wethersfield) in December with a photo taken by their own photographer. Across the board, the local editors asked us to please call them with any future story ideas on Open Solutions and other clients.



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