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Rebranding One of the Oldest Manufacturers
in the United States

Merrow Machine Company — Positioning and Updating the Image and Marketing Strategies


Founded in 1838, Merrow Machine Company, the nation’s oldest manufacturer of commercial sewing machines sought to update its image and marketing materials for a global market while remaining true to its heritage. The company also sought to develop a first-generation website to promote its products and streamline technical support.


Since Merrow is strictly a business-to-business operation, its most important audiences are the top textile mills and apparel manufacturers and a worldwide network of distributors who sell and service the smaller sewing outfits. The core Merrow image piece emphasizes the company’s unique solutions-oriented approach and effectively bridges its history of innovation with its adoption of new cutting-edge technologies. Capabilities booklets containing sample stitches were translated into Chinese, Italian, Spanish and Turkish especially for these fast growing markets. The company’s Internet site presents the Merrow product line and connects potential customers with distributors on 6 continents.


Merrow customers from around the world have responded favorably to the company’s new look as well as the faster communications and in-depth information enabled by the Merrow website. Merrow’s presence in the industry has been strengthened with a new tradeshow display, designed by FEC, which has increased traffic. Merrow has also reduced the number of on-site overseas service calls, reducing international travel expense, a key company goal.


Image Piece

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“We are impressed with the scope of First Experience Communication’s capabilities. Their strategic thinking, their responsiveness, and their familiarity with interactive technologies and international business, has helped streamline our operations and improved the way we present ourselves in the marketplace.”

Dan Armstead
Sales Manager
Merrow Machine Company

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