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Branding Identity for an Employee-owned Company

Infiniti Graphics’ new corporate identity positions it for increased valuation.


For one of southern New England’s largest printing companies, a new corporate identity and sustained marketing strategy to assist in new business development was created to communicate the company’s increased capabilities and goals for future expansion.


Based on results from comprehensive market research, we created a new name, award-winning full-color logo, and collateral materials to position Infiniti as a progressive direct-response printing specialist. We introduced the new image to customers, prospects, and the media via direct mail, news releases, meetings and open houses.

Over the next two years, we worked with Infiniti to increase sales and name recognition through participation in major direct marketing trade shows, trade advertising, and public relations. We also conducted three research projects: a nationwide feasibility study; a customer satisfaction survey; and a prospect/new business development survey. Survey findings along with market indicators and expanding sales goals led Infiniti to embark on a $6 million expansion project to increase capabilities. We continue to publicize this expansion through direct mail, trade show participation, public relations, and new business development research.


Infiniti Graphics’ new corporate identity and marketing strategy succeeded in meeting business objectives. The company’s corporate logo design, stationery, and image brochure won first prize at the 1994 Hartford Craftsmen Awards, which recognize printing and graphic design excellence. And, the increased name recognition coupled with a more aggressive sales and marketing approach helped Infiniti Graphics achieve an 18% rise in sales during 1993, sustained growth in 1994, and a record 31% increase in 1995—boosting company revenue from $8 million to $16 million during that 3-year period.



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“First Experience Communications has done an outstanding job of directing us through a variety of marketing and public relations challenges. We’re excited about the results we’ve achieved with them and the future projects we have planned. FEC is a valuable business partner we can count on.”


Ludwig Iglhaut

President & Chief Executive Officer

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