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Promoting a Fortune 500 Company’s Recruitment and Training Initiatives

Valassis (formerly ADVO) — “Our Strength Is In Our People”


Provide ADVO, Inc. with sustained internal and external communications support to assist the company in recruitment, training and development, and public relations initiatives while establishing ADVO as an industry leader and promoting the company’s vision.



To assist ADVO in strengthening their external image, we created the multi-purpose “Our Strength Is In Our People” recruitment brochure which highlights specific employment and industry information while positioning ADVO as a successful, Fortune 500 business and a desirable place to work. we also worked with ADVO to improve internal communications by editing, revising and re-designing their training and development materials, most notably ADVO 101, the company’s 400-page “instructional bible.” The new 3-volume set divided by training topics, gives associates a more reader-friendly format that can be updated easily and customized according to job functions and educational needs.

Finally, we created and continue to maintain two of ADVO’s most effective newsletters—the ADVOCATE and Reunion. The ADVOCATE, distributed nation-wide to the company’s 5,000 associates (production workers to senior-level managers), communicates important customer focus and continuous improvement/TQM themes. Reunion, delivered to ADVO associates and customers, vendors, legislative and postal officials, conveys information and garners support for the company’s successful America’s Looking For Its Missing Children public service program.


The award-winning “Our Strength Is In Our People” recruitment brochure has successfully fulfilled ADVO’s objectives and become one of the company’s most important internal and external documents—positioning ADVO effectively against competitors and providing a consistent image throughout company offices nationwide. ADVO 101’s new format and revised editorial content reduced ADVO’s training costs by eliminating the need for supplemental publications and reprints. And, both newsletters have earned external and internal notoriety—the ADVOCATE received an 81% satisfaction rating among associates surveyed and Reunion doubled its readership among external audiences in only two years.



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“We rely on Tall Timbers Marketing as we would one of our own departments. They help us determine the right messages to communicate internally and externally, and the proper vehicles to use to get the job done. Each project they’ve undertaken—from ADVO 101 to the ADVOCATE—has accomplished everything we wanted, and more.”

Gary Rosentreter

Ph.D.Vice President, Organizational Development

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