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​Homecare Awareness Campaign

Repositioning VNA HealthCare to expand into new markets, promote a full-range of services and demonstrate VNA’s value to patients and caregivers.

Most people know VNA for home nursing services. The challenge was to reposition the 100-year-old agency by promoting its full suite of homecare independent living services. We created a market and advertising plan for future growth in the private payer market in Connecticut.

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Key market research was conducted with a target audience of private payers in discreet towns in CT to reveal a thorough assessment of the current VNA brand position and competitive landscape. In the research findings, private payers identified factors considered when choosing a long-term health provider, best methods to reach private payers, key motives to seek home health care and the likelihood of using VNA for independent living services. With the objective of drawing patients into the home care cycle of service earlier (i.e., homemakers, companions, transportation, errands), we positioned VNA as a one-stop-shopping provider for long-term health care needs.


The marketing campaign was designed to offer the full range of services from homemaking and companions to nursing and palliative care. The key theme of the campaign was based on research findings regarding the emotional toll and burden that long-term care management puts on everyone involved. The concept — When your parents need help, who will help you? — was designed to resonate with parents as well as the baby boomers providing care for their aging loved ones. Campaign components included direct mail, billboards, print advertising, radio, case studies, print collateral and web site enhancement. All initiatives were created using a testimonial approach to create real-life stories of human interest.


The campaign helped dispel the perception that VNA is just about nursing. It also raised awareness about the agency’s comprehensive independent living and consultative services with both prospects and current patients. Research helped the marketing department target initiatives based on private payer preferences for content and delivery methods. Monthly calls to the VNA hotline spiked during the campaign run and the campaign successfully positioned VNA HealthCare as a primary brand in home health care.

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