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Telling Your Story Workshop Appreciated

Morning Musing Workshop
Once Upon a Time…The Story is Everything.

Presented by Ira Yellen, President/CEO

The face. The voice. The success. The event. All of these are parts of a story. Yet how do you choose the one example that fully encompasses everything your organization is, all that it does? And how do you tell that story so that it resonates with your audience?


To tell a good story, you must understand human nature. Think of the people you know who are good at telling stories. Don’t you want to be around them? It is like reading a great book, but it is in done in real time. A good storyteller understands the audience he/she is talking to. This also applies to writing. Storytelling is not complicated if you understand one thing — would you be interested if it was told to you. Put yourself in the listener shoes. Walk around in them. With our presentation, we will present two components — The Emotional Appeal and The Tools for Audience Engagement.

  • Examples of popular Blogs that we wrote

  • When to use first person and second person

  • What is the hook: empathy, discovery, unsettling, etc.

  • What is the action: awareness, acceptance, involvement, purchase, etc.

  • Exercise: Take a case study/example of success and convert to a 100 word short story

Here is their letter —

Dear Ira,
We can’t thank you enough for sharing your time and many talents with us yesterday.  I know everyone got a lot out of the session and we are so grateful for your help in making our Middlesex County Community Foundation Nonprofit Resource Center/nonprofits even stronger with your presentation.
Again, our thanks and appreciation.
Cynthia Clegg

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