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In Today's Business Climate, Marketing Your
Products and Services can be Challenging

Tall Timbers Marketing (formerly First Experience Communications), an integrated marketing communication firm with over 40+ years’ experience understands the challenges organizations face. Our expertise is in the field of professional communications with a mission to serve our clients with creativity, service and integrity. We know how to promote the products, services, and best interests of our clients to reach and influence targeted audiences.

  • Are your branding and marketing strategies driving your target audience to purchase or use your products or services?

  • Are you wasting your valuable time and money with limited results?

  • Are your marketing tactics working?

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Public Schools Solar Project Supported by the Community

"The solar project for Granby Public Schools project was approved in a town wide referendum in  It will reduce our carbon footprint while at the same time creating long-term savings for the school district.  We were fortunate to have the available space to construct a ground array that would serve our four schools by generating 80%-100% of our energy needs. Thank you for your assistance with the communication and planning… we learned some things from you and benefited from you input!"

Alan Addley, Former Superintendent of Schools, Granby, CT

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